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Devon Rims

554-Series - Big shipment of 100% British made Devon Rims has finally just hit North America!

A sea shipment with pallets loaded full of the highest quality 100% British made wheel rims available has finally just arrived at British Cycle Supply Company after a long delay.

These are virtually 100% accurate duplicates of the original Dunlop and Jones wheel rims fitted to most classic British motorcycles and are 100% hand made in England unlike all others, which differ in shape and/or are fully or partially made in India, Italy, or China.

Devon Rims are made in a completely different way to all other rims so are easier to true because the joints are virtually undetectable. All Devon rims are dimpled and pierced the same as the originals and will therefore fit your hubs correctly. Devon Rims now are available in three types:

a) Rolltru Stainless steel, 304 stainless highly polished to mirror finish to look exactly like chrome (But without the rust!) These are without a doubt the finest rims produced!

b) Valtru Stainless steel, 100% identical to the Rolltru stainless steel except these are only polished to a standard finish rather than a show finish, for best pricing.

c) Rolltru Show chrome rims, better plating than the originals.

Chrome plating is carried out to BSEN12540-2000 (Service condition 4) in one of the most up to date chroming plants in the UK, ensuring consistent high quality. No corners have been cut on the polishing and chroming and this is one of the main reasons why Devon rims are more expensive than their competitors. This European Standard supersedes BS 1224:1970 and the rims are plated using traditional methods, with copper, nickel, and chrome, not just nickel, nickel, chrome as most other current rims, or indeed just one dip in the nickel bath as we understand some seem to be doing. There is no higher specification for plating rims, and for this reason these are warranted for two years from manufacture date against defects in the plating process.

These rims are not inexpensive, but for those who want the best possible product, this is the way to go. We believe the quality of this product to be second to none and everything is fully guaranteed, with a life time fabrication warranty. When used in conjunction with our US made Buchanan spoke and nipple sets, of which a huge batch is also on the way, you will have the best wheels possible, as Buchanan spoke sets are made with the correct bends and not just 'Standard' bends like some others.

Devon rims are supplied individually boxed with desiccant to protect against corrosion during storage, and just like the originals, are stamped with the size, the maker's name, and "Made In England". Order by factory part number for the original rims, specifying "Devon Chrome" or Devon Stainless" and be assured of quality. Also available through any British Cycle Supply Co. Dealer. Please order using the original equipment manufacturer's part numbers from your factory parts book, if possible.