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BCS PART #641-03 



This kit is designed for Norton Commando motorcycles. At typical cruising speeds, oil temperature will drop by 15-20 degrees Centigrade, so helping engine life and reliability.

Contents: 1 oil cooler; 2 rubber mounting bushes; 1 pair bottom mounting brackets;
1 pair top mounting cast brackets; 4 each socket screws and nuts for above;
7 ft. hose; 4 hose clips; 4 hose ties

To fit:
1) Check all parts against list.
2) Fit new bottom mounting brackets.
3) Check cooler is internally clean and fit rubber bushes head first to it.
4) Place cooler assembly in bottom bracket, with the bent pipe at the top, facing to the rear of the bike.
5) Fit the identical halves of the top bracket and secure with screws and nuts.
6) Remove the original flexible return pipe from the engine and from the steel tube at its upper end and discard it.
7) Attach the new pipe to the engine and lie it in place of the original but continue it over the top of the engine. Cut off a suitable length and attach it to the bent pipe at the cooler top.
8) Affix the remainder to the cooler bottom pipe and take it under the engine, close to the right hand frame rail, to emerge upwards behind the gearbox casing. Cut suitably and attach to the original steel tube that leads to the tank.
9) Make sure that the new pipes do not foul throttle operation or lie near exhaust pipes, etc.
10) Start engine and check for leaks.

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