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Cam Bush Line Reaming Tool Kit for Triumph 350 & 500 Unit Twins

Tool Number 222-296/A

This bushing tool is designed to work on all Triumph unit construction 350 and 500cc Twins. The reamer should be exactly the correct size to give the correct internal diameter as recommended by Triumph.

The the reamer guide should be placed in the right hand bush so as to hold the reamer in position to line ream the left hand bush to size.

Intended for sintered-type bushings.

Also available, Triumph T120 And T140 Tool.

Please bear in mind the following:

A) Crankcases should be fully bolted together before reaming. Ensure the cylinder base gasket surface is lined up between both halves, which indicates all is in line.

B) Ensure the tool is fully lubricated before using the reamer, or reamer guide.

C) As with all reamers, only turn in the direction of rotation, never backwards.

D) Clean cases and bushings fully after reaming to remove any swarf. Sintered bushings should be soaked in oil before using. If using machined bronze bushings, they should be well lubricated before cams are installed, and where applicable, make sure any oil holes are drilled and lined up properly with any holes in cases.

Don't forget to lube cams journals in case before final assembly, and to lube lobes by pouring a few ounces of motor oil through valve adj. insp. caps before initial startup.