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Inspection Caps

Do your slotted inspection caps look ratty? We supply these slotted caps, as used on most Triumph and BSA's, depending on model, to access clutch adjusters, primary chains, clutch cables, gearbox fill, pushrods, etc, as follows:

57-2166   - Single slotted cap, as original for most applications
57-2166/A - With hex top (to allow use of wrench)
70-9800   - Vented and baffled cap, to release pressure (not suitable for clutch adjustment hole)

The above items replace part numbers:


Use with 70-8782 O-Ring or 40-0239 fibre washer.

Our 221-308 Inspection Cap Tool is excellent for unscrewing the stock slotted caps without damage, but for custom or high performance use, the new hex top caps will allow use of a wrench or socket, and ease safety wiring. They can be drilled for venting, too.