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Sidestand Mounting Lugs

For use on frames that are missing the lug for the sidestand.

83-0035 - Weld-on Sidestand Mounting Lug

To be welded to the frame tube to replace broken or damaged stock lug. Use with bolt 82-7021, nut 14-0703, spring 82-8382,
sidestand 83-1560. Comes with various diameters for different size frame tubes.

83-0035   Weld-on Mounting Lug, 7/8"
83-0035/C Weld-on Mounting Lug, 1-1/4"
83-0035/D Weld-on Mounting Lug, 1"



83-0035/D/A - Weld-on Sidestand Mounting Lug For Pre-Unit Triumphs

Fully machined, and has a replaceable allen bolt for a spring lug instead of the stock pin.

83-0035/A - Clamp-on Sidestand Mounting Lug - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Our clamp-on lug is currently unavailable. Please use weld-on type.
For unit Triumph 650 frames, clamps to frame tubes and uses the stock sidestand.